DANCE Fitness/Zumba


Dance Fitness with Marcello — an INTENSITY exclusive. During this energetic hour-long class you will move, groove, and sweat to a sensational international playlist and Marcello’s beloved choreography.  The diverse genres and styles and alternating intensities are designed to get your heart-rate up and put a smile on your face! Don't be afraid to let your hair down and shake it — all fitness and dance levels are welcome and encouraged to attend! Wake up and have the time of your life with real dancing, real sweat, and real people. Join Marcello at INTENSITY for fitness and fun — all in one.  

Class Schedule @ INTENSITY (506 Westport Ave Norwalk, CT)

Mon: 8:30 am

Tues: 8:45 am 6:30pm

Weds: 8:30 am


Friday: 8:45 am

Saturday: 9 am

Sunday: 10 am